Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Colors 13

Daylight is its own color. Beautiful glass lets daylight just be, and the person who gets to behold that natural beauty gets to enjoy daylight's calm possession of surfaces -- those that reflect it and those that merely absorb it. Someone who can sit before such a scene, witness daylight's refusal to claim an exaggerated importance, may learn to grow still and find he does not fear the daily return of shadows.


MperiodPress said...

"Daylight's calm possession of surfaces..." Augh-so, so lovely a touch, so gentle and deft a steering of language to get at the word it surrounds.'

I also like very much the purple glass--vase or container?-- on the sill in the picture. Showing a different facet of daylight, depending on the lens.

Donald said...

The amethyst glass of the lamp on the sill is luscious, isn't it?