Friday, February 27, 2009

Praying the Memories

In recent years I have sometimes found myself in Paris for a few days during the Lenten season. If I was in the fifth arrondissement, I liked to slip by myself into an old church on rue Mouffetard called St Medard. All of a cosmopolitan city was around me, but seated on one of the low chairs inside the church I was allowed to feel like one more lost soul in need of quiet and a bit of solace.

I would like to sit there again.

Photo of St Medard on rue Mouffetard uploaded on Flickr by Montgolfier


Ur-spo said...

Can you go there is your mind any prayers?

Bear Me Out said...

I hope you will find what you need, even if not there.

Donald said...

Thank you for your wishes. Here or there.