Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

On the first day of still another Lent in my life, I am drawn to the pattern on this architectural inlay. I will be trying later today to purchase a sample of it.

What does this border pattern say to me?

That things don't change.

But that they can.

And that they do - with surprising regularity.

Image of border design by Klutch Design


The Dread Pirate Roberts said...

For me, this is the miracle of the Spirit: that people can (and do) change. The wisdom in Lent is that we get a whole season for it; change and new habits almost never happen immediately.
Blessings on you in this rich season.

MperiodPress said...

Lo mismo fue lo mismo mismo hasta que hubiera un cambio...The same was the same same until there was a change...

Sameness and change do seem to be built into the pattern of faith's call, don't they? Hope, too.

Thank goodness, on all counts.

Donald said...

Sometimes we just need one mighty source of support to get through all that changing.