Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Door, New Windows

That's my new door. Not the one with the columns and the little classical tympanum overhanging it. The door nearer the back, disappearing into the side of the house.

When I took this photo weeks ago on a sunny March day, someone else regularly used that door to climb the stairs to her second-floor apartment.

This morning I walked for the first time through the rooms as legal tenant. Empty and sun-filled, the spaces filled me with peace. There will be room for lots of thinking there, lots of writing, lots of waking and falling asleep.

I am ready for the cheer.

I am moving a life.


Bear Me Out said...

Blessings on new beginnings, new spaces to be made sacred.

Jim said...

Peace to you in this new life space.

Ellie said...

How beautiful...

Ur-spo said...

I like a new door - in its many aspects.

MperiodPress said...


Passage in and out
light for light
until the evening sun
casts blessing rays
to wink a soul to sleep.

Congratulations, friend.