Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Evening Vistas

The winter twilight is something I walk quickly through these days, eager at day's end to be home and warm. The upcoming retreat weekend may afford me the opportunity to slow my steps and see what is around me.

"Winter Fields" by Massachusetts artist Kathleen McDonough


MperiodPress said...

I love this painting! The colors are just naturally evocative of the feelings of being outside, smelling the smoke from the fireplace, being led homeward...wasn't it Teresa of Avila who said all the way home to heaven is heaven?

I 've a hard time believing that every moment, but somehow it does speak to me of that attentiveness you mentioned.

Welcome home, friend.

Hope all manner of things went well.

Donald said...

Yes, all manner of things went well, friend.

Lovely of you to evoke Dame Julian -- there were definite "shewings" through the weekend.