Friday, July 16, 2010

Lake Cabin

There is the smell of pine needles about the pictures of this cabin on a lake in New Hampshire.

There is the smell of summer sun on the wooden boards that make up the deck.

It takes imagination to understand a need for that desk lamp visible through the windows.

It is the imagination that any writer loves to use.

Thank you to a reader of Writing Cabin for these photos.


Ur-spo said...

Oh Donald,
the aromas and smells of a place are so integral for my memories of places. Perhaps it is because odors hit the parts of the brain more 'base' and subconscious before the cerebrum processes things.
I can still smell my grandparent's house,
Sometimes I sniff old books to cheer me up.

Donald said...

The smell of old books - even the smell of particular old books - brings a murky but welcome hint of the ways we learn about our lives.

I'm there with you.