Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In New England there are industries that survive by creating potent images of warmth.

A flannel shirt came to my office today from LLBean. With this early token of recognition that November is my birthday month, I acknowledge an eagerness for the kind of weather that makes this fabric, its softness and its hearty thickness, suggest home.

I will wear it with warm thoughts.


MperiodPress said...

This makes me remember good conversations about the joys of Fall and smile... wear it in good health, my friend. Cheers for you in your birthday month!

Donald said...

Good conversations have a long shelf life, don't they?


Ur-spo said...

I remember a cartoon of a man sitting in his flannel pajamas, on the phone, talking to LL Bean. He says "oh the boxers look warm, I;ll order 2 please"
It is titled "New England Porn Call'

Donald said...

That could be me making that call!