Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flannel Shirts and Stilton Cheese

I was the organizer of a session during a three-day work conference last week; the presentation -- mercifully -- went well despite its placement immediately after lunch on Friday. A dutiful visit to the nearby Whole Foods the next day slowed to a contemplative crawl by the cheese cases, and I decided to treat myself to the thinnest wedge of Stilton that was available. It will be my offering to my dinner hostess this evening.

A blue cheese from a guest in a blue flannel shirt.

Photo of Stilton Cheese courtesy of


MperiodPress said...

What a wonderfully Fall picture this makes... so easy to imagine...and full of its own sensory delight. Crunchy leaves on the walk to the place of the meal, the warm "coze" of flannel, the welcome sound of conversation, the pungent crumble of cheese painting its flavors in the mouth,... the deep veins that run within and without both cheese and friendship, waiting to be tapped, waiting to carry away with mysterious delight.

Donald said...

You got it. On the nose. Precisely.

Ur-spo said...

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