Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gray Afternoon

A transplanted Southerner, I have had thirty years' practice watching New England weather change dramatically from one day to the next. The traditional summer months particularly surprise me when a day like today -- damp, cool, gray, rainy -- can recall for me something of Louisiana winter.

Some of that wet greyness is captured in a YouTube video shot in Venice in January 2007. The cemetery island of San Michele captivated me when I took a vaporetto ride out there a few years back, leaving my travelling companions one morning to their more cheerful pursuits along the Rialto. Watching the foggy afternoon in the video, hearing the familiar motor of the vaporetto, and counting the lights marking the route from San Michele back to Venice managed to get me into a reflective mood today.

Isola San Michele by anglofille on YouTube


Bear Me Out said...

We could use some gray, wet, and cool, right now. Our summer is too fiercely upon us. 90 degrees already, and inthe mountains! Ugh

Ur-spo said...

i too would love gray, wet cool weather. please send some right away.

Donald said...

A couple of days later and I'm longing for grey, wet cool weather too!

Hopefully this will be New England's last day in the 90s for a little while.

Stay comfortable!