Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Angelus

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I don't know whether to apologize or not for this sound clip. The impulse to listen all the way through when I found a link to it was surprisingly strong. If it says something to you, enjoy.

I like the cough at the very end. It grounds me when I hear it.


Kimberly said...

Yes, I agree about the cough! It kept me from going too far away, having given myself over to the bells and the praying--rather like floating on a current and feeling the reminder of the mooring line.

Vic Mansfield said...

Wonderful. Wonderful. made worthy of the promises.

John said...

I presume none of the three of us is used to praying the Angelus in Latin, yet the prayer does rise to our lips, rhythms and words always the same day after day, as the bells ring and the chant sounds in this recording.