Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Snow Arrives in the Morning

I live no more than a five-minute drive from my work so I take my guilty pleasures on a morning like this. I can sit in my office and actually enjoy the strange white punctuation covering the view from my window.

I hear colleagues down the hall talking about cities and towns an hour away and the snow those places are already getting. I sense the urgency in their quiet voices.

I recall the homes I drove past a half hour ago on my usual route to work. For the first time in a long while I was aware of which windows in each home were yellow with lamplight and which had stayed dark from the winter night just ended.

I do not think in my childhood in New Orleans I ever dreamed of being a man in his fifties living a morning like this one. I like that idea, though.


Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday on the radio that the weather was very bad in your country.I don't like snow and i'm happy to live here in south of France,in Avignon.It's difficult for me to formulate my thoughts because my english vocabulary is still poor.It will be easer in french!


John said...

Les commentaires en français me donneraient beaucoup de plaisir, Madame!