Friday, May 7, 2010

Well Done

Years of schooling prepared me for the month of May.

Successful and happy as a student, I learned to enjoy the variety of ways I got the message “Well done!” The grade on a final examination, an average on my report card, the gold or silver card in a specific course, a medal at convocation or a plaque at graduation, the honors designation on a diploma – in typical ways I experienced and relished the month’s traditional affirmations.

And I needed affirmations that were dependable and uncomplicated and clear.

May meant that I heard my name and read my name in places and at times that lots of other people didn’t. Only September roll calls at the start of a new school year could possibly rival for me May’s sweet and steady litany of achievement and approval.

I confess I liked people’s listing my name, reading it in public, writing it in calligraphy.

A kind of healing seemed to issue from each new “John…” that I saw or heard.

Years later, seeing my name on bills and catalogs usually does not distract me. I am still new enough in this apartment, though, to be taken aback by the sight of my name topping a new address. Each piece of mail waiting on the floor inside my front door at the end of a May work day seems something of a diploma, a report card, a commendation.

If I am here, it’s because I have learned something.

I am relieved to hear yet again, in that friendly voice from deep within, “Well done...”

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Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Well done, "Donald" we do not have to tell "all" but to tell from the heart, deep, and you always did and will do, that is the most important,

thanks for reaching out, again,