Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Nutcracker

No viola da gamba and no harpsichord tonight. The satin ribbons by which melodies of the Italian baroque can tie up a golden winter evening will remain wound on the Early Music spool. New England weather will take those of us with an evening of live performance in mind and return us to comfortable homespun and kitchen warmth.

Sadly but wisely the concert has been cancelled.

What would have been a night out becomes a night in. A number of us have the familiar experience ahead of us of digging into the store with which we have – squirrel-wise – surrounded ourselves at winter’s approach. Chapters of books, Netflix episodes, replies to emails, candles burning on a sideboard, an early doze on the sofa before the lights of a tree – what abundance...

And when would we have gotten to it all if we had once again this evening abandoned our homes to thermostats on low and lights on timers?

Time for the crack of walnuts and filberts. The spray of an orange slice against our tongue. The cold of the window pane through which we glimpse our well-shoveled walks and steps.


Ur-spo said...

that sounds better than the NE chapter of the sugar plum fairies.

John said...

To be honest, this particular Early Music group is worth an evening.

They'll be back in the spring, though.

Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas, my friend. I am sorry that I have not been more attentive to your beautiful postings this while... know that this brings with it a virtual knock at your door and a tin of pralines to share with a good strong mug of coffee.

Glad you had a chance to sit with the lights and simply enjoy.