Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's About Yes...

Back in December I had begun an Advent practice of sitting more regularly with prayer in the evenings. After a few days of hospitalization, I had sensed that I was entering a new time in my life. I would do well, I told myself, to place myself in God’s presence in the lively expectation of hearing things that I needed to hear.

The seeds of that expectation had been sown during the summer. On an evening of retreat, I had walked beside a pond and berated God for playing with my heart at times. It was an unusual stance for me to take in prayer. In response, I distinctly heard a question posed within: “What do you want?” The question seemed to come from that place in my heart where I usually listened for God's guidance or comfort.

Through the season of Advent I had copied down sayings that came from that place during my evenings of prayer. This winter’s early Lent sent me back into those evenings. With the great feast of Pentecost this past Sunday, I typed out the sayings I had collected in my prayer book since Ash Wednesday. I present them here in the event that they speak to others who are readers of Writing Cabin.

You need this.
You need me.
February 6, Ash Wednesday

There’s no problem here.
February 8

Not yet, not yet, not yet.
February 11

What you do matters.
I want you to be happy.
February 15

This you will always have.
Me you will always have.
February 22

This isn’t about how, it’s about yes.
February 23

Nothing has to get done.
Sip each day’s peace.
March 1

Rest. Don’t figure this out.
March 7

I want you wholly awake.
March 10

What is your heart’s desire?
March 11

Let me be the joy in your heart –
believe in my guidance.
March 15

You’re not the only one
who wants what is good for you.
April 12

All love is well given.
Take it all.
April 21

Say thank you.
May 4

Lazarus, come forth!
May 10

Two Warm Trees by Willoughby Elliott from Harrison Gallery


Vic Mansfield said...

Oh to be as faithful, and open, and listening as thou art.

Good words, good listening. Blessings on your journey. Don't try to "get there", just go. It's in the going, not the getting.

Kimberly said...

Dear Friend...

I love the painting of the trees!! A friend and I have spoken much about trees lately...and likened some recently shared experiences to sharing a sturdy branch in a beloved tree, tucked away in each other's company, removed from some of the craziness. These two look like they would be welcoming choices.

May I borrow the gifts of April 12th and 21st as I listen for May 10th?

John said...

Such rich responses from you both. Thank you! And such different images springing from your pens -- going on a journey and and sharing a tree branch with a friend.

In both images, though, there is the invitation to enjoy this precise but random moment and to lap up what is offered to us.